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Amateur Competitor Ed Ainley

Caravan Road Rally programmes collected by Ed Ainley.

Like many competitors of The Caravan Club British Caravan Road Rally, Ed Ainley’s first experience of caravanning was gained through family holidays.

On leaving school, little did Ed know that a part-time job would lead to a brush with the world of motor sport. While working as a delivery driver for a Derby Fishmonger, Derek Williams, he was asked by his boss to navigate in the1964 Caravan Road Rally. Heading off to Lincoln in a Ford Zodiac and Eccles Moonstone outfit, Ed thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was keen to return.

The following year, Ed entered with his brother and became a regular at the events into the 70s. Recalling the competitions, he stated that practicing manoeuvring skills was important before a rally.

Ainley also competed in the Yorkshire Trophy Road Rally, a similar event to the British Caravan Road Rally which was organised by the Yorkshire Centre of The Caravan Club. Smaller competitive rallies in local areas became a popular offshoot of the Road Rallies and provided an excellent opportunity to practice caravanning skills.

Ed is still a keen leisure caravanner today, returning to the pursuit following his retirement.


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