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Works Competitor Peter Bennion

Peter Bennion is pictured far right with co–driver Chris Daisy and navigator John Jensen along with their Alfa Romeo 1750GT and Eccles Opal outfit at the 1970 Caravan Road Rally. This year the team won the National Benzole Caravan Proficiency Trophy.

Throughout the 1960s and early 70s Peter Bennion gained a string of successes at The Caravan Club British Caravan Road Rally events.

Bennion had grown up going on caravan holidays with his parents and at the age of 20 was invited by Lionel ‘Lee’ Davey of the Lee Davey Caravan Group go as a third man on the 1961 Caravan Road Rally. Peter later went on to work for Lee Davey’s business, one of Europe’s leading caravan and car distributors.

By 1964 Bennion was driving in the competitions. The Caravan Club’s En Route magazine reported how ‘it was a treat to see young Bennion … park his Morris Mini-Cooper / Bluebird Europe in exactly 15 seconds’.

In the 1960s and early 70s Peter Bennion won a string of awards in the rallies. He notched up several Bronze Medals, the Concours d’Elegance class D prize for caravans under £300, a success in the Night Road Section, the National Caravan Council Challenge Cup, National Benzole Caravan Proficiency Trophy, George Hollingbery Memorial Challenge Cup and finally the Esso Challenge Cup as part of both the Ecurie Taurus and Caravans International Pinetops teams.


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