Sunbeam 350hp running at Pendine Sands
Sunbeam 350hp engine detail

Thank you to everyone who has generously supported our previous fundraising appeals.

Sunbeam 350hp Appeal

Thanks to a fantastic response to our public appeal we were able to raise £30,000 to build a new gearbox for our iconic Sunbeam 350hp. The Workshop Team are currently in the process of developing the new gearbox and once built it will allow the final part of the mechanical rebuild to take place.

Sunbeam 350hp at Pendine SandsThe Sunbeam 350hp is famous both for competing on the race track and for breaking the World Land Speed Record on three separate occasions. Renamed Blue Bird by Sir Malcolm Campbell, it was the first car to go above 150 mph for a land speed record.

Sadly, despite this, it suffered many years of neglect before being rescued by Edward, Lord Montagu in 1957.

Since then thousands of hours have been spent by the Museum Workshop team to return it to its former glory. Rebuilding the gearbox represents the end of this painstaking process.

Many years ago the original gearbox was removed and it was replaced with one that was only designed to take one tenth of the power produced by the Sunbeam’s engine, which significantly comprised the braking and speed of the car. As the original gearbox was a one-off, a new one will need to be built from scratch by the Workshop Team. There are no templates and only one photograph exists, so this is a challenge requiring all of the team’s knowledge and expertise.

Through the kind donations to the appeal, work can now start on building the new gearbox, allowing the Sunbeam 350hp to be enjoyed by future generations.


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