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Harrods electric van, 1939
Harrods Electric Van, 1939

Harrods One Ton Electric Van, 1939 Great Britian

Harrods began using electric vans in 1919 for deliveries across London. Although the popularity of electric vehicles was beginning to decline in the 1920s, replaced by petrol engines, Harrods continued operating their fleet of electric vehicles until the 1970s.

Electric vehicles have been used on the roads of Britain since the 1880s. Although only able to cover short distances on limited battery capacity, electric vans were ideal for urban delivery services. Another example of popular electric delivery vehicle is the milk float, a common sight on British roads throughout the second half of the 20th century.

In August 2020, Amazon announced they would be adding over 500 Mercedes-Benz electric delivery vans to their UK fleet. The first 20 of these were rolled out in Exeter in early 2021.

  • Do you use a milkman for deliveries?
  • Do they drive an electric float?
  • Should all delivery services invest in electric vehicles?
  • Will companies start to use drones or other options for delivering goods in the future?



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