Future of Mobility – Activities

This summer, we invite you to take part in our Future of Mobility themed fun activities for all the family. Design your own car of the future, operate a Lego Robot Rover and explore how vehicles in the Museum showcase how alternative fuels and futuristic car design has been explored in the past.

Future of Mobility QR codes:

Look out for Future of Mobility QR codes located alongside a variety of vehicles in the museum. Scan the codes to learn more about how these vehicles have been innovators in design, technology, engineering and materials.

Lego Robot Rovers:

Test out the Robot Rovers to learn more about driverless cars. Create coding to programme and operate the Robot Rovers, or have a go racing remote control cars around a self-built route.

Running Tuesday – Thursday in the Arena.

Model Building and Testing:

Design and build your own vehicle of the future using a range of recycled and new materials. A voluntary £1 donation will be asked to cover the costs of materials.

Running Tuesday – Thursday outside the Adventure Playground; alternating with the Creative Dating and Design activity (highlighted below).

Creative Dating and Design:

A creative and observation-based activity for all ages to arrange car images in order of when they were made; before designing your own car of the future. How will it be driven? What will it be made from?

Running Tuesday – Thursday outside the Adventure Playground; alternating with the Model Building and Testing activity highlighted above.

To share your own ideas on the Future of Mobility and help us to design new, exciting and innovative programmes around this theme, please pick up a Future of Mobility feedback form in the Museum.

If you would like a copy of any of our images, please visit our dedicated Motoring Picture Library website