160 Miles Per Hour – J.G.P. Thomas

Key facts

  • Catalogue Number: 124
  • Title: 160 Miles Per Hour – J.G.P. Thomas
  • Date: 1926
  • Artist: Shell Studio
  • Series: Motor Sport
Shell poster number 124, 160 Miles Per Hour – J.G.P. Thomas, Shell Studio (1926). Drawing of JG Parry Thomas in his vehicle, attempting to break the World Land Speed Record. Text reads; "160 miles an hour (subject to confirmation) on ordinary grades of Shell Oil and Petrol (Exactly the same qualities as sold in all public garages). Text box reads; "Mr J.G.P. Thomas, Pendine Sands, April 27th 1926".

Shell often used achievements to advertise its products. In anticipation of J.G. Parry Thomas breaking the World Land Speed Record they produced this poster. Parry Thomas actually set a new record of 169.30mph/272.46kph on 27 April 1926, and returned the following day to improve it to 171.02mph/275.23kph at Pendine Sands.

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