This website has been designed with accessibility in mind so you can find, access and use the information you need.

This page explains the accessibility features available on our website and provides links for more detailed information. Please get in touch if you have ideas for improving the accessibility of the site or if you have any other questions: email

Speaking Websites

There are a number of programmes available that enable your computer to talk to you.

Microsoft Windows comes with a basic screen reader called Narrator, which reads text on the screen aloud and describes some events (such as an error message appearing) that happen while you’re using the computer. You can find more information on how to use Narrator on the Microsoft website

There are also a number of Screen Reader programmes with more features, such as being able to read whole documents. Some of the most popular include:









For Mac users, the Mac operating system also has a built in speech to text function, which you can access by going to ‘System Preferences’ and selecting ‘Universal Access’.

Visual settings

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so that you may customise the presentation to suit your preferences. All information can be viewed without styles.

Many other options, including changing fonts, text size and magnifying text can be adjusted through your browser.

These websites provide further guidance for your device.


Most of the videos used on this website are streamed through YouTube. YouTube has a number of accessibility settings that can be set by the user.

Find out more about YouTube’s accessibility settings

Using the keyboard to move around a website

For people who can’t use a mouse or track pad, it is possible to navigate around a computer screen using different keystrokes on the keyboard.

There is further information on keyboard shortcuts on the Microsoft Windows website. You can also find information on using the keyboard with different web browsers and other programmes in this RNIB guide.

Access on site

We are committed to providing the best possible access for every visitor. The Collections Centre has ramped access and a lift to all floors. The Enquiry Service and Reading Room are conveniently located on the entry level floor of this building and there are accessible toilets within the Collections Centre.

The majority of the Beaulieu attraction is fully accessible and we continue to make improvements all the time. Visit the Beaulieu website for full details on accessibility.

If you would like a copy of any of our images, please visit our dedicated Motoring Picture Library website