Explore the Film and Video Collection

A museum curator using a Steenbeck film editing suite

You can access content from the Film and Video Collection in a number of places.

National Motor Museum

Many of the displays in the Museum include material from the Film and Video Collection. These films help to bring the displays to life and give visitors the chance to see the vehicles in action. Within the Driving Change exhibition there are opportunities to see Sir Alec Issigonis sketching his design for the Mini, early US crash tests using a real life person instead of dummy and 1970s experiments of electrically powered cars. This clip, from the 1982 Ford film ‘How a Car is Designed’, can be viewed within the Driving Change exhibition.

National Motor Museum YouTube channel

Content from the Film and Video Collection has been used in a variety of projects by the National Motor Museum Trust and hosted on this channel. This 1958 Smith’s Instruments film ‘Tourist Trophy Races’ was uploaded as part of the 2014 project ‘Motorcycling Icons’.

Ford Heritage YouTube Channel

A new film from the Ford Film & Video Collection is uploaded to this channel every month. Viewers can enjoy footage ranging from a 1935 Malcolm Campbell narrated introduction to the driving test to the RS200 in rally action some 50 years later. The channel trailer gives you a flavour of the material on offer.

If you would like a copy of any of our images, please visit our dedicated Motoring Picture Library website