Future of Mobility – Crossley Streamline

Burney Streamline 1930
Crossley (Burney) Streamline, 1930

Crossley (Burney) Streamline, 1934

The car of the future has long been a subject of speculation. Will they fly? Will they be driverless? What will they look like?

The Crossley (Burney) Streamline is just one example of futuristic style. It’s aerodynamic bodywork and rear engine made this 1930s car an unusual design of the time.

Car design is often influenced by art, culture and scientific and technological innovations. From the long and elegant art deco inspired vehicles of the 1920s, to the curves and streamlining designs of the 1930s when aerodynamic shapes portrayed an image of speed like the Volkswagen Beetle. Influenced by the growth of television, sci-fi movies and space exploration, the 1950s and 60s saw more of a space age design appear in the concept cars of the Post War period.

  • What do you think influences the car designs of today?
  • What does the future of the car look like?
  • Will we travel in pods and not cars?
  • Will the cars look like sci-fi spaceships or something else?


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