Future of Mobility – Napier

Napier Gordon Bennett
Napier ‘Gordon Bennett’, 1903 in Ireland

Napier ‘Gordon Bennett’, 1903 Great Britain

What materials go into making a car?

Today we’d expect the chassis and bodies of our cars to be made of metals like steel or aluminium, or even carbon fibres, but what about wood?

Many early vehicles featured wood in some element of their construction. Have a look around the Museum, can you see any other cars that include wood in their design?

The 1903 Napier ‘Gordon Bennett’ was a typical racing car of the period. Its design was seen as cutting edge at the time, yet its chassis was made of wood. The use of wood in cars today is far less common due to safety concerns, weather and its long-term durability.

  • What will the cars of the future will be made from?
  • What sustainable materials would you use to build a car?
Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza Tulipwood H6C, 1924

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