Future of Mobility – Peel P50

Pell P50 with lady
Lady behind the wheel of a Peel P50, 1964

Peel P50, 1964 Great Britain

The microcars of the 1950s and 60s offered drivers an affordable means of personal transport. The ideal small city car, the Peel P50 was advertised as capable of carrying ‘one adult and a shopping bag’.

In 2010, the Peel P50 was revived for modern day city driving. The cars are built to order in the UK and available as either petrol or electric vehicles. As more car manufacturers release smaller electric vehicles, such as the Mini Electric and the Renault Twizy, should Britain’s cities be driving towards more electric vehicles in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint?

  • Are microcars and personal transport options a viable alternative for city transport?
  • How would you design your own microcar?



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