Ivan Dutton: A life of motoring passion and achievement

Ivan Dutton on racetrack with car

Saturday 19 October 2019

Ivan Dutton’s career in the motor trade began when, upon finishing his apprenticeship in pattern making, he joined the workshop of the Chequered Flag, quickly becoming foreman.

During 1963 he started his own business and competed in his first motor race in a Mk1 Jaguar. This interest in motorsport led to Ivan becoming the British Production Saloon Car Champion in 1973, but the oil crisis of the late seventies ended his professional racing career. Enthusiasm for the Bugatti marque had been nurtured by his father, whose stories of Brooklands between the wars led to the formation of the Bugatti restoration company in 1979.

Ivan’s career in racing Bugatti’s began in 1983 in a Type 51, followed by years of racing a succession of Type 35B models.

With the arrival of the new millennium and Ivan’s sixtieth birthday, he felt it was time to retire and pass the reins of the business, Ivan Dutton Ltd, to his son, Timothy. However, Ivan does not seem to have slowed down, he continues to enjoy a fine collection of cars and shows no signs of losing the passion!

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5 thoughts on “Ivan Dutton: A life of motoring passion and achievement

  1. Ivan is that you. Im Terry Henry you helped me maintain my MGB im Greenford at your house in 1964 i was the Canadian diplomatic kid working for Gory Esso thought about you many times My friend the automotive genius
    Terry Henry.
    If this is you please reply

    1. Hi Terry

      It is me. Nice to hear from you after 50 odd years… I’ve done a lot in racing and still am to this day. My son who was a baby is now running the business. I’ve retired to my shed for twenty years now. If you go onto YouTube and type in ‘Ivan’s Shed’ you can see what I’ve been up to just lately. Good to hear from you Terry.


  2. Hi Ivan,
    I spend far too much time on “U tube”, anyhow I came across your series on the 2 cylinder experimental Morris Minor motor. I had a 1957 Morry thou as we called them in New Zealand, on the open road there was only one speed, that was flat out. Not so many police radars then. This was 1969 to about 1971.
    I look forward to your next project whatever it may be.
    cheers Bill Harrison

  3. Hello Ivan , Norris Miles here , so good to see you relatively fit and well and il bet still in the thick of it all , I am still having the odd drive here in Australia and a while ago brought in from USA a Tiga sports 2000 which ive enjoyed so far / my son Jonathan drives in a very competitve F/ford series here and i am also building a historic saloon as in Australia we have probably one of the best Historic saloon car series going, ie a series you would love as its become soo competitive and is such because the rules are very strict —which of course means i need to talk to you 🙂 🙂 hoping to get back to GB in the near future maybe with Jonathan to drive at the Walter Hayes F/Ford festival again —

    I’m still in constant contact with with Peter Veryard ! ( and when i think back, what a motorracing time we had , nothing with Pete is ever mundane 🙂 and his easy manner opened so many doors to so many people and drives for me , i realise now, i can never thank him enough.
    Ivan, i also thoroughly enjoyed the time you gave me when i revisited the farm a few years ago now ( it was like coming home to me , for remember i lived for a decade or more with my young family , 1/2 mile away in Worminghall )– The discussions we always had about Gerry Marshall /Tony Lanfranchi, Barrie Williams etc etc ) opened my eyes to the sort of BS stuff that went on , it helped me deal with it over the years / anyhow i know Peter is possibly going to get to you again soon as well, so all the best Ivan and hope you continue to be healthy /wealthy / and wise, say hello to Tim for me , he looks the part in his period gear , its great that he’s continuing the tradition. all being well i hope to see you again soon . regards Norris

  4. Great stuff. Norris, Are you the Norris Miles who was so successful racing Alfa’s? I am currently rebuilding an Alfetta GTV6 that was built by the late Jon Dooley and raced successfully in Ireland. Did you have any contact/involvement with the people behind the project? (George Windrum/Phil Sparkes) You were mentioned in a magazine article about the car.

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