Beat the Jams – Buy a Moped

Poster of traffic on bridge with caption beat the James Buy a Moped

This distinctive poster is a recent donation to our Object Collection. Picturing traffic in 1960s Southampton (we believe it to have been taken on Redbridge Flyover) this large poster was displayed on the wall of Bernie Leigh’s motorcycle dealership in Totton for nearly 40 years.

Black and white image of Bernie Leigh in speedway clothingBernie Leigh was a well-known figure in the motorcycle sports world. He was in the Reading Racers speedway team between 1969 and 1981 (with one year at Swindon in 1974). He also competed in grasstrack and trials events, coming second in the 1981 European Grasstrack Championships.

Before taking up speedway, Bernie worked for Davidsons in Romsey and went on to run a Honda motorcycle dealership in Rumbridge Street, Totton. Prior to this, the premises was the Empire Cycle Shop, which was established in the early 1900s. The cycle shop manufactured bicycles to order and was owned by R C Goddard. His son Martin eventually took on the business from his father and in the late 1960s Bernie Leigh was employed as a mechanic. Gradually Martin Goddard introduced the sale of mopeds and motorcycles into the shop, as the demand for bicycles fell away. When Martin Goddard died in 1985, Parkroad Motorcycles in Shirley brought the shop which they later sold to Bernie Leigh.

Bernie Leigh's motorcycle shopSadly the shop no longer exists as it closed in 2010 and the property developed into flats. Bernie Leigh, having retired in 2012, passed away in November 2018. We are grateful that this evocative piece of local automotive history has now been passed to the National Motor Museum Trust.


5 thoughts on “Beat the Jams – Buy a Moped

  1. Hi, Martin Goddard died in 1985 aged 54. I worked at Goddards from 1978 till 1983, then came back 1984 till 1985. Also worked as a saturday boy 1975 to 1977 building up motorbikes from the crates. Bernie Leigh trained me as a mechanic and i am sorry he has died. He taught me my trade from the age of 16! John Brunnstrom.

  2. Hi, after Martin Goddard died in 1985, Parkroad motorcycles in Shirley brought the shop. They then sold the shop to Bernie Leigh. Bernie was a mechanic at Goddards from around 1975 to 1979 before he owned the shop. He worked wheen he was not racing.

  3. Bernie worked for Davidsons in Romsey before taking up Speedway. All of your other details are spot on. Beautiful memories –

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