The Petroliana Experience with Alan Chandler

A museum showcase containing early motoring objects

Saturday 23 April 2022

If you are interested in motoring then you have undoubtedly taken part in “The Petroliana Experience” without possibly realising what it is. Alan Chandler became involved as a result of wanting to add some atmosphere to the storage area for his hobby, the garage. What started as a bit of decoration has developed into a collection approaching 4,000 items, creating space pressures on the cars themselves! Along the way he has met many interesting motoring enthusiasts, travelled around the world, learnt a great deal, written four books and built a website.

Alan says: “When I have shown others my garage, it is always a pleasure to see the surprise from them irrespective of their interest in cars. Some relate petroliana to industrial art, others are amazed by the atmosphere created, the variety of pumps, equipment and period advertising involved. This industry has evolved mainly in the last 100 years and will no longer be in use after just a few more years. Petrol, along with other carbon fuels, will soon become extinct. Conversely, the hobby of collecting petroliana is growing at a record rate and not just with older male motoring enthusiasts”.

So if you are wondering what petroliana is all about, come along and discover a new area associated to our motoring heritage.

The evening will take place in the Lecture Theatre of the Collections Centre, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu from 7.30 until 10pm. A bar will be available for the purchase of drinks. Tickets are £10.00 each for non-members; £7.50 for members. For further information and to book tickets please contact Theresa Browning by email or telephone 01590 614792.

Please be advised that, due to the uncertain nature of the current Covid-19 situation, the date may be subject to change.  We will be limiting numbers so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. There will be no admission without prior booking.

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