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1930s car and caravan parked by a roadside with woman seated in doorway
A roadside stop during a family tour of the Lake District and Scotland August–September 1934.
Workers lifting a caravan frame out of a workshop
Workers lifting a partially built Winchester Royal caravan from the upper floor of the workshop. The wooden framework used in Hutchings caravans is clearly visible.
A man in uniform standing in front of a motor caravan with work men in the background
A mobile recruitment unit built by Hutchings of Winchester during the First World War
In the early 1920s Hutchings produced his first trailer caravan suitable for towing by car.
Illustrated advert for a pop up trailer tent.
In addition to caravans, Bertram Hutchings also designed lightweight trailer tents such as the Tom Thumb.
Two cars and caravans touring through Scotland
Hutchings caravans on a tour of Scotland in 1936.
A 1920s car and caravan in a Forest clearing with children seated in the car.
A family outing to the New Forest in 1921.
A view of a caravan workshop with employees
A team photograph of the employees at the Winchester works.
A camp comprising of a horse-drawn caravan and tents with man and woman
Bertram Hutchings started his business by hiring out a small fleet of caravans. 30 miles from Winchester, Lepe beach on the border of the New Forest was a popular destination.

In June 2015, the Caravan and Motorhome Club Collection received one of its most significant donations to date. The Hutchings Collection is an archive containing 12 photograph albums, 500 photographs and ephemera relating to Bertram Hutchings and his company Bertram Hutchings Caravans Ltd, later known as Winchester Caravans. Known as ‘the Rolls Royce of Caravans’, Hutchings Caravans were among Britain’s most prestigious caravan manufacturers.

Bertram Hutchings (1886-1967)

The Collection spans the existence of the Winchester-based company, from 1911 to 1958, and includes photographs from tours of pre-war Bavaria and Scotland. There are also rare photographs of motor caravans produced by Hutchings during the First World War.

At the Caravan and Motorhome Club Collection staff and volunteers are working to catalogue, digitise and preserve the items.


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