Crikey! That’s Shell – That was!

Key facts

  • Catalogue Number: 381
  • Title: Crikey! That’s Shell – That was!
  • Date: 1933
  • Artist: John Reynolds
Shell poster number 381, Crikey That's Shell that was! Loch Ness Monster by John Reynolds. Cartoon of Loch Ness Monster appearing to be two headed as it watches a car speed by, all that remains are it's exhaust fumes. The sign by the Loch reads 'To Knock Less'.
Crikey! Loch Ness Monster, John Reynolds, 1933

John Reynolds (1909–1935) was a book illustrator and cartoonist, best known for his illustrations of 1066 And All That (1930). It was he who changed the poster slogan from That’s Shell – That Is! to the more popular That’s Shell – That Was!

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