Ace motorcycle

Key facts

  • Year: 1923
  • Country: United States
  • Capacity: 1,229cc
  • Cylinders: 4 cylinder
  • Valves: inlet over exhaust valve
  • Performance: 80mph (approx.)
  • Price new: £125
  • Loaned by: Private Owner
  • Manufacturer: Ace Motor Corporation, Philadelphia
A 1923 Ace vintage motorcycle On Display

Ace was the creation of Scottish-born engineer William Henderson. He was an advocate of using four-cylinder engines in motorcycles. Ace achievements included Charles ‘Red’ Wolverton’s 129mph motorcycle speed record and 106mph sidecar record of 1923. Ace motorcycles were a popular choice with American Police forces.

William Henderson began making four-cylinder motorcycles under his own name in Detroit in 1912. He sold out to Schwinn in 1917. Henderson started Ace in 1920, designing a lighter and entirely new four-cylinder machine, avoiding patent infringements with Schwinn. Henderson was killed in a road accident in December 1922. Ace was absorbed by Indian in 1927, the four-cylinder machines becoming known as the Indian 4.

The finest thing on two wheels

Ace advertising

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