Yamaha YZF R6

Key facts

  • Year: 2007
  • Country: Japan
  • Capacity: 599cc
  • Cylinders: 4 cylinder
  • Valves: double overhead cam
  • Output: 107bhp at 14,250rpm
  • Maximum speed: 162mph
  • Performance: 0 – 60mph 3.51 seconds
  • Price new: £7,499
  • Loaned by: Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Company
Yamaha YZF R6R 2007 On Display

Yamaha introduced the YZF-R6 in 1998. It is a super sport bike based on the company’s 1,000cc YZF-R1 super bike. Popularly known as simply the R6, It soon became a top-seller in this competitive category. Updates came in 2001and 2003 when fuel injection was added. In 2006 it became the first ‘fly-by-wire’ road bike when the Yamaha Chip Contolled Throttle (YCC-T) ride-by-wire throttle control was added, a system previously used on Yamaha racing bikes.

Super sports bikes are essentially road legal track bikes, with few of the features required for comfortable touring. They are ideal for track days. The YZF-R6 was voted 2006 Bike of the Year by Bike Magazine.

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