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From the 1960s Shell began to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Britain’s wildlife. They produced books, recordings of wildlife and wallcharts.  The wallcharts were sent, for free, to schools and they hung on the classroom walls to help children learn about nature (there was also a series of wallcharts about the counties of Britain).

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This is one of a series of records produced by Shell from 1966 to help you learn about the wildlife that you can hear in your gardens and parks. We have recordings of sea birds, estuary, woodland, field and country, moor and heath, mountain and Highland plus marsh and riverside birds. Click on the links below to hear each of the birds songs – which ones do you recognise?




Dunnock (also known as the Hedge Sparrow)






Robin (Spring song)


Robin (Autumn and Winter Song) – can you hear the difference?


Song Thrush


Mistle Thrush


Blue Tit


Coal Tit


Great Tit







More information: In 1965, Shell released the Shell Guide to 12 great British Bird Sanctuaries with artists such as: Stanley Roy Badmin, Eric Ennion, Richard Eurich and Rowland Hilder selected to illustrate them. The series was promoted in full page press adverts and a calendar. This was followed in 1966 by The Shell Bird Book and the Shell Nature Lovers’ Atlas both by James Fisher. A set of Shell Nature Records were released from 1966, to help Britain’s naturists identify the sounds of birds, incorporating artwork by Peter Scott and Eric Ennion.

This record was recorded, edited and introduced by Lawrence Shove.  Liner notes by Jeffery Boswall.  Published in 1966 for Shell-Mex and BP Limited by Discourses Limited, 21 Manchester Square, London, W1.  Printed in England by West Brothers, Mitcham. The front cover was painted by Maurice Wilson in collaboration with Rowland Hilder.

Information about Jeffery Boswall, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffery_Boswall

Information about Lawrence Shove, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Shove

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